Old Glory

Friday, January 27, 2012

Exciting News!

We finally received our confirmation from the IRS acknowledging us as tax exempt.  We now have our 501 (C)3 status and we are so excited.  We were very fortunate that we reached out to an accountant to help us fill all the paper work out to start with and he did such a great job that we didn't have any hiccups in the paper work and no additional information was requested.  I know there are many groups that wait for up to 18 months to get their 501 (C)3 so we are so thankful that ours went through and is finalized so quickly.
All contributions are tax deductible so keep your receipts when you give and if you happen to lose it or don't receive one always let me know and I will make sure you get one for your taxes. 
Thank you to everyone who has already given and we will be posting a calendar of events coming up in 2012 so if you are in the area you can join us.  Right now we have a baseball tournament scheduled for the end of Feb. called "Freezing For a Reason" and a portion of the money will go to our foundation.  We also have a chicken cook coming up in Rogers, AR and a special 1 year birthday party for a special little girl "Nora Necessary" where her parents have requested that in lieu of gifts they make a donation to our foundation for Chad.  This is one of Chad's buddies from high school.  How precious is that?  We are  so lucky that Chad has so many people out there that love him so much.  Thank you never feels like enough to us.