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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WFOT Fundraiser - Whitey & his Crew's Chicken Cook

April 26, 2014 Rogers, AR Chicken Cook

Don't miss it!  First, don't miss a chance to support our troops and second, enjoy some delicious grilled chicken!

April 26th at the Whitey Chicken Pit on HWY 12 next to Harps and Garners, by the RR tracks in Rogers, AR.  Chicken comes off the grill around 10:30 to 11:30 am.  Come early as the chicken goes fast.  We will also have t-shirts and stickers for sales as supplies last. 

If you can't attend please spread the word.  We would like this year to be even bigger than last year. 

Wings for Our Troops "in loving memory of CPL Chad S Wade" was founded after our son was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan.  We were fortunate enough to get him home before he deployed for 11 days and it was the best 11 days of our lives.  We didn't know this would be the last time we would see our son alive so enjoying every minute like we did means more now than it did then.  We want to make sure all families and their military member has the same opportunity as we did.

Most do not realize that when these young men and women go home before and/or after deployments that the cost of this travel is out of their own pockets.  They make a very modest salary so as you can imagine, coming up with the money to purchase airline tickets can really hurt them financially or it causes them to be unable to visit home before or after.  We don't want finances to be the reason they do not go home to spend precious time with their families so that is why we exist.  We have also added family emergencies to our mission statement.  We have discovered that many of our enlisted service members are stationed a good distance from home.  In the event of a family emergency it is obviously sudden allowing them very little time to come up with the funds to pay for travel home.  That is where we come in.  We are honored to have so much support both financial and emotionally to allow us the opportunity to help any of these young men and women get home to their families. 

One thing I want to stress (mainly for our military service members), this is not a handout.  We are a non-profit foundation that would like to show our sincere appreciation for the service and sacrifice of our Arms Forces.  We are a grateful Nation and we want to do this for them to show them (in a small way) how grateful we really are.

If you know any enlisted service member that needs our help like this, please tell them about us.  Spread the word as much as you can and if you are in the area of Rogers, AR on April 26th we would love to have you stop by, purchase some chicken, t-shirts, or stickers and just see how CPL Chad Wade's buddies come together as well as the community to not only honor him, but to support and show thanks to our military! 

2/1 Marines Echo Company Afghanistan 2010