Old Glory

Friday, November 30, 2012

Amazing Young Men...

I hope all Gold Star families are as blessed as we are.  Since losing Chad two years ago tomorrow, there has barely been a week during this almost two years that I haven't heard from at least one (sometimes all of them) of them at least once a week.

I've spoken with some Gold Star moms whose fallen heroes were in other branches of the military and they never have heard from any of the guys in their son/daughter's unit.  I'm so sorry for them for not having that connection like we do.

There is truly nothing like the brotherhood I have seen in my son's unit.  They genuinely love him and they love me and my family. 

It's not only the guys from the USMC that continue to check on us and love Chad just as much.  His high school buddies love him and miss him so much as well and I see it every day.  They too with either reach out to us or send a picture of their children just to brighten our day. 

None of these young men and women have to do this, they want to do this.  They do not do it out of duty or obligation either.  You can tell they truly do love us and miss Chad like we do.

I want to honor them today as I weep for my son, I have tears of joy for knowing these guys will forever be a part of our family.  There is more comfort and peace we get from that than words could truly express.

Thank you to all the "Nuts & Nutetts and our bonus boys from the USMC, Across the street Justin, Brandon, and the families of these amazing young men and women for raising amazing kids to be the thoughtful and caring young adults they are today.  You did good!

As we face the two year mark of Chad leaving this earthly world please know that each and everyone of you make him and us proud by going on with your lives and honoring Chad by keeping us close to your hearts and most importantly for loving and remembering Chad always.  We love you for that!

In Afghanistan

Probably having way too much fun

Brothers to the end

4th of July in Iraq with RoRo

Seth and Chad

Some of our adopted sons (honoring Chad's Mt. Dew t-shirt)

Rob and Abby

Zach & Chad

Both Desi & Tyler and Emily & Clint honored Chad at their weddings (so grateful)

Getting ready to load the bus at Camp Pendleton heading to Afghanistan

One Booher sporting his t-shirt Reed had made

These guys continue to show up and honor Chad... We love ya'll!

Spratt and Zach once again, honoring Chad

I'm sure they were behaving... Chad, Spratt, & Seth in Cali

I think he thinks he is too cool for school.  :)

Beach fun!

Oh no, if Chad is dancing, he is feeling pretty good... :)

Some of the "Nuts" honoring their buddy... Love you guys

Amazing Love

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our unseen heroes

We are all about making sure our troops know we appreciate them and we are supporting them now more than ever we see this on a daily basis.  There are some "unseen" heroes that don't get the same type of recognition and/or support and appreciation that our troops receive.  To me, those "unseen" heroes are the spouses and families.  They sacrifice so much of their lives to support their Marine/Soldier and if their Marine/Soldier is injured they are the ones that are the main caregivers and continuing to fight this war on the home front.  My heart goes out to all of these heroes seen and unseen and I want to bring attention not only to them, but also a group of volunteers that are helping these young men and women and their families move on after becoming a Wounded Warrior.  Please take the time to check out this link "Homes for Our Troops" at http://www.homesforourtroops.org/site/PageServer?pagename=MarshallKennedy and listen to one of our local Marines, SGT Kennedy and his wife's story.  You will be touched.  We are joining the effort to build this home for this Wounded Warrior as well as many others throughout Tyson and in our community.  It is heart warming to see how much love and appreciation is out there for these young men and women as well as their families.
During this holiday season let's not just pick up a gift, but give of your time.  Obviously financial support is always needed, but not everyone is blessed enough to do that, but we can all give some of our time to help.  I would imagine nearly every community has organizations that could use volunteer workers or help with fundraisers, etc.
If you have children, what a great way to teach them the gift of giving of yourself above receiving a toy or a new outfit.  Show them by example how we can support our Troops while they are deployed and when they return home.  I guarantee you will not only give them a lesson they will forever remember, but one that will help them in their years to come.
Thank you and God bless this charity "Homes for Our Troops".