Old Glory

Friday, October 18, 2013

When Honor contiues...

I don't think I will ever get use to the love and honor Chad's friends continue to show for him even now.  There are more little boys (and some puppies) that carry on Chad's name in some fashion or another.  They may use Stafford or Wade and now I am proud to announce that there will be a Chad Rodriguez arriving in March. 
I haven't thought of this in many years (obviously), but as parents we usually always look up the meaning of our child's name (well, at least I did).  Chad means:  Protector; Defender...  How appropriate was his name now?  I never thought it would really live out what it meant so for all of those that have been so loving and willing to carry on his name whether it be a little boy or a beloved pet, first, Thank You, but also know that he will continue to be your protector and defender as you carry this strong name onward.
As parents, we can't say enough to truly express our appreciation and thanks for loving our Chad and continuing to honor him like you do.
I hope it's ok if I share some of the photos I have of some of my baby boy's namesakes... They mean the world to us and always will as will their parents.

Noahh Stafford Honeyman

Bentley Wade McQuillian

TJ's Wade #1

The future Chad (Chadio) Rodriguez

Since I don't have a picture of Camden Wade Tippett, I will show you the picture of his daddy, Chip with Zach Seabaugh, Shawn Spratt, & Chadman

As a parent it's really hard to put into words what it means when someone loves your child enough to want to share his name with their own child.  A child's name is something that is extremely special and something parents long to make meaningful for them and their family and for these young men and women to make Chad such a part of their lives like this means more than I can express. 
All I can do is say thank you and I will cover you and your family in my prayers always.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Is this dignified? Wings for Our Troops wants to help!

Most of you have probably heard by now that with the Government Shutdown has now included not flying families of our fallen heroes to Dover so they can witness the Dignified Transfer back onto US soil.  My heart is breaking for these families and having been in there shoes, but not during a Government Shutdown, this must be a slap in the face of their own nightmare.  This link provides the names and branch of the ones who were KIA over the weekend and who's families are not being flown to Dover to witness their return home.  Wings for Our Troops is trying to do all we can to get in touch with these families so we can send them to Dover.  If you know any way of reaching these families please get in touch with us at wingsforourtoops@yahoo.com and we will be working on this end until they are all there.  I cannot imagine not having been there when Chad arrived.  I don't want these families to miss that chance to see their loved ones arrive home.  If you have never (and I pray you haven't and don't) been in this situation it is difficult to express what it means.  You don't see your loved one, but you see the respect the military and the staff at Dover give your loved one whether you are there or not, but seeing it for yourself is something you will never forget.  We want to help them have this as this is the first step to bringing them home to their real homes to rest in peace.  Also, due to the shutdown our Government will not be paying for their funeral.  I really cannot put into words how this hurts my heart for not only these families, but for these military men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country and to know that there has been yet an added burden to their families left behind.  Please pass along to anyone and everyone so they are informed and maybe, just maybe, the families will find out we are here to help them. 

We, Wings for Our Troops "in loving memory of CPL Chad S Wade" want to help these families get to Dover.  You can find us on Face Book, through this blog, or at www.wingsforourtroops.com or email at wingsforourtroops@yahoo.com

Prayers are needed that either our Government gets it together and does what is right by these families and these Soldiers and this Marine and if they can't do this in time to get them to Dover, please pray that Wings for Our Troops are able to get in touch with these families to let them know we are here to help them get there.

Thank you with all our hearts.  Semper Fi!