Old Glory

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jobs for Veterans!

I'm so proud to work for a company that truly is making a difference in the lives of our veterans and giving back to the community.  My husband and I as well as his two daughters work at Tyson Foods, Inc.  We have a program here at Tyson Foods called "Camo to Khaki".  The reason for the name is Tyson Foods' uniform color if you will is Khaki and we wear it proudly around here.  The short version of how this program works is we have veterans that work for Tyson Foods, Inc. and they take military resumes and translate their job skills to see where they would be a good fit in our company.  Once they are hired they have the chance to go through a "boot camp" at Tyson Foods that will show them from the farm to the plate processes within our company so they have a complete understanding.  This also allows them to determine what direction they would like their career to go.  It has been very successful.
This morning I was watching the local news and saw where Walmart is hiring all honorably discharged veterans if they want a job starting Memorial Day.  This is awesome!
If you are a veteran and you have been honorably discharged from the military or completed your contract and you are looking for a job I encourage you to go to www.tyson.com or www.walmart.com and check out the career opportunities.  Do not get discouraged if you feel like you don't technically qualify for a posted position.  Reach out to these companies and let them know you are a veteran and you want to work for them and they will take it from there.
This is the very least we as a country and community can do for those who have served and sacrificed so much for us.  I never want to see a veteran jobless or homeless and this is a great step in making sure that doesn't happen.
Great job Tyson Foods and Walmart!  We appreciate what you are doing for our military men and women.