Old Glory

Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 Whitey's Chicken Cook

What a success!  We raised $2,070.00 selling chicken and if that isn't impressive enough, we did this on the Saturday that most everyone in our area was starting their Spring Break!  We had so many family and friends that showed up to help with everything from grilling the chicken to bagging and selling.  While it is always a ton of work it is also very fun and so fulfilling. 
The satisfying feeling you get isn't just with how much money you raise (for me anyway), but it's seeing people come together to raise money for others and in our case, our military men and women.  It doesn't get much better than that.  People put anything may have had on a Saturday after working all week to donate their time and efforts to raise money to send our troops home.  To sit back in my shoes and watch that on Saturday, March 21st was truly emotional for me.  I truly appreciate each and every person that volunteered to work the chicken cook regardless how much time you had to spend there.  I truly appreciate each person that purchased chicken or in many cases just gave money and asked for nothing in return.  I truly appreciate our local fire department in Rogers, AR that show up nearly every year and park their truck there with the American Flag flying from the ladder and if they are there and a child walks up, they stop and show the child the truck and talk to them.  It is so amazing to see. 

If you have never had the chance to join us, I encourage you to come out next year.  Even if you don't purchase a thing or even work, just to see that kind of community kindness come together will warm your heart.

To all of you that came out and worked, bought chicken, or t-shirts, or just donated money, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  You were inspirational in helping us send our troops home!