Old Glory

Sunday, June 24, 2012

WFOT Another Fundraisers Success!

What an amazing day yesterday (June 23, 2012) with Whitey and his chicken crew!  We were raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project "in memory of CPL Chad S Wade" and we raised just over $1,500.00!  This money will go a long way to help our heroes if they return home injured.  The turn out was absolutely amazing.  Some of Chad's buddies from school (when I say buddies, I include the girls, because they are always faithful to show up and work so hard) were there to help us work.  It was an extremely hot day, but there were no complaints from anyone!  The Rogers, AR Fire Department Station 1 was there to fly our American flag high and proud as well as a custom motorcycle to sell raffle tickets for $5.00 each for a chance to win this bike.  They will also be selling raffle tickets and Fayetteville, AR Bikes, Blues, and BBQ this year.  There is still time to buy a ticket for a chance to win (just think, you could be the cool kid in town).  :)
As a little "funny" (if you want to call it that), I prefer to call it "excitement"... We were basically at the end of the fundraiser and a pick up truck pulling a fairly long trailer turned in front of traffic and basically took the bumper off a van.  You could read his lips from where we were and you knew right then he knew what he had done.  With all these witnesses he actually thought he could run and not get caught...  Foolish idea.  We had one of Benton Counties finest and we all watched this guy zig-zag through the Harps parking lot trying to get away and we watched the van was turning into the parking lot.  The truck and trailer left the parking lot and that van was right on his tail.  Benton County's finest (probably shouldn't mention his name so I won't) tore out with his truck and followed.  They caught up with him as he pulled into a gas station and "tried" to act as though he didn't know what had happened (whatever dude, remember, my sister read your lips (good job Deb.)  As they were waiting for an on duty police officer our "Finest" ask the man driving the van if he was a Marine and he said yes sir, I am.  Oops!  LOL  This guy messed up.  Our "Finest" told him we had just finished working a fundraiser to help them out and he said, yes I know, I saw you there.  The on duty officer arrived and our "Finest" return to the fundraiser and they called us to say, "Well, we just helped another Marine"!  Ooh-rah!  What are the odds of us having a fundraiser for our Heroes and then turn and have a true hero need us in a different way.  It was a good feeling to see the good guy win and the bad guy have to pay for what he did!
We are so blessed to have the friends and family we have to help us help so many!  Thank you to all that continue to support and encourage us.  It's appreciated more than we can truly express.
If you would like to check out our pictures from yesterday go to our Face Book http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.314154825341375.71518.100002405793511&type=3
or search Face Book for Wings For Our Troops!  Like us and check follow our progress.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WFOT Fundraiser Chicken Cook

What a success!  Saturday, June 16, 2012 we held a fundraiser for Wings for Our Troops "in loving memory of CPL Chad S Wade" in Rogers, AR with Whitey and his chicken crew and Chad's friends from high school and some of the parents including Wendy and Mike Jones.  We raised $2,452.00 from chicken sales and t-shirt sales.  We sold out of chicken by 12:00 noon!  We were thrilled to say the very least.  It was a hot day, but amazing at the same time.  Chad's friends (mostly the girls) came out to help work and collect money and do the running back and forth.  I had my amazing husband, two of our girls (Tia & Candi), Nathan, my sister, Paige and her husband, Rodney.  Emily's mom and bonus dad and Desi's mom, Erin's mom, Best Sign Group in Rogers, AR, and so many more.  Billy Booher, Chris Reed, Cody Neely, and several other friends of Chad's and/or friends of his friends.  I can't remember all the names (I apologize), because we had an amazing turn out.  We are so blessed to have this many friends and family that want to be involved and help out for something that means so much to Tebo and I.
We have another chicken cook this coming weekend and all the proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project in Chad's memory.  We did this one last year and now beginning this year we will have an annual chicken cook for Wings for Our Troops and Wounded Warrior Project.  I can't think of a better way for these young men and women to spend a few hours on a Saturday giving back to those that give/gave so much!
Thank you to all that not only worked and participated whether it be donating the chicken (Tyson Foods, Inc.) or donating t-shirts (Innovative Ink), the Rogers Fire Department (station 1), etc., but also to those that came out and purchased chicken and t-shirts or just made a donation and didn't take anything in return.  We truly appreciate your generosity more than we could ever express... Check out a few pictures to show how hard everyone worked...
Rogers Fire Department Station 1 hung with us all day and flew our flag!

Wendy Jones is a rock star!  Couldn't have done this without her!

Nathan, Rodney, & Candi helping us work

Erin, Emily, & Clay... They were working their side of the street!

Thank you Best Sign Group for an amazing banner in record time! 
My amazing husband with our Whitey sign

Whitey and his crew with their TIT (turner in training) Paige (my sister)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chicken Time.... Join us!

Join us for our 1st annual Whitey Chicken Cook for Wings for Our Troops "in loving memory of CPL Chad S Wade" in Rogers, AR this Saturday, June 16th!  Last year we actually held a chicken cook for the Wounded Warrior Project in Chad's name, but this year we are holding two separate fundraisers for each.  We will be located in front of the Harps Grocery at 2nd Street and Locust Street in Rogers.  We will begin selling Whitey's grilled chicken at 10:30 am... 1 half for $3.00 or 2 for $5.00.  All proceeds will go to Wings for Our Troops to help a Marine get home before and/or after deployment.  Let's show them we have their back while they protect ours.
Join us for some fun and good chicken for a very worthy cause.  Chad's buddies from high school will be there to help and so will many of Chad's family.
The weather promises to be great and what better way to spend a little time on Saturday than giving back and paying it forward.
Make sure you get out there early, because in the past we have sold out before noon!  This will give you great food and you won't have to worry about cooking or cleaning up a mess...
We look forward to seeing you there!
Some of the "Nuts" that worked last year... 

From Semper Fi night in Springfield, MO

Monday, June 4, 2012

It's almost Chicken Cook Time!

Wings for Our Troops "in loving memory of CPL Chad S Wade" will be hosting a chicken cook with the legendary "Whitey" and his crew Saturday, June 16, 2012.  It's most likely the best grilled chicken (donated by Tyson Foods, Inc.) you will ever eat and cheaper than you will find anywhere else and you don't have to clean up the mess.  The best part is you will be helping send a Marine home before and/or after deployment! 
We will be located at the Chicken Pit in front of Harps in Rogers, AR at 2nd St and Locust St. (the pits are by the railroad tracks).  If you want to be sure and get your chicken before it's all gone you should arrive by 10:30 am.  In the past his chicken has sold out before noon!  It's that good people!
Chad's buddies from school will be working this fundraiser and they are passionate about helping other Marines as they are so grateful for the time they got to spend with Chad on his pre-deployment leave before he left for Afghanistan (KIA 12-1-10).  Please show your support not only for our Troops that will benefit from this foundation, but support these friends that lost someone very close to them.  This is their way of giving back and paying it forward. 
Please come out and join us in this endeavour