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Friday, August 19, 2011

What is Gold Star "courtesy of Susan Templeton"

I was just like the most of the world and had never head of "Gold Star Mom" or "Gold Star Families".  Unfortunately now, I'm all too familiar with this term and what it actually stands for.  For those that don't know, Gold Star Mom or Father or Families means they have lost a family member in combat.  Now that I'm a Gold Star Mom I am embarrassed that I never knew what this was, but like Susan I am determined that all Amercians are educated and remember that there are sacrifices being made not only by the Marine or Soldier, but entire families.  She shared a poem that I truly needed this week and I want to take the liberty to share it with you as well.  There are two actually...
A Poem for Gold Star Mothers,
Mom, I had a fall today.  I bruised my knee
I was running home from school with my first report card
I was so proud and wanted you to see my first Gold Star
You came running so fast and blew that magic air on my bleeding knee
How could such a simple act make that knee feel so much better

Mom, I had a fall today.  I bumped my head
It was my first day without the training wheels
You and Dad were clapping so hard that I turned to see you
The tree did not move out of my way and my head hit the branch
It was the first time I heard you say, Let me kiss it and make it feel better, and it did

Mom, are all Moms magic like you

Mom, I had a fall today but this one hurt my heart
I thought my first love would last forever
When she left I thought the world would end
This time it was I who was running to you, and you were there
You gave me the magic Mom hug and a lesson in life that we must walk through each valley
To be able to climb the next mountain 

Mom, I had a fall today, this was a bad one
You were so far away, I could not run to you, or you to me
In those last few moments I could feel your breath
I felt your lips touch my forehead
When I felt your arms I closed my eyes the pain was gone

The Gold Start you carry now has me inside
I go with you wherever you go and my love will live in your soul
Till our two souls are together again

Robert Foster September 25, 2005

The Gold Star Mother's Prayer
I know dear sons and daughters
I know just where you are.
I feel your arms around me
I know you're never far.
And though my heart is heavy
and I wonder how to go on,
I feel your arms around me
and I know that you're not far.
So I will stand tall and proudly for everyone to see
How very proud I am of you... and pray
you'll be proud of me.

So thank you, Susan, for sharing this, because my heart truly needed those words this week.  I've struggled and been very weepy, but this did provide comfort. 

Momma Bear
Gold Star Mom of CPL Chad S Wade (5-25-88 --- 12-1-10)

Gold Star

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  1. Tami, I'm sorry you are having a bad week. My sister and I want to do a fund raiser for Wings for our Troops. Do you have any great ideas? I know that your sister had a fund raiser and it went well. We would love it if you all could share your ideas to help two not so creative people come up something! We live very close to Fort Lewis and McCord AFB, so we thought we could do something in that area. Thanks, Susan