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Friday, March 30, 2012

KISS looking to hire military veteran!

How amazing to see the band KISS looking to hire one of America's true heroes as a roadie for their summer tour with Motley Crew.  Of course I'm hoping they hire one of "my" heroes, but any military veteran they hire will be amazing.  I'm just glad to see people out there supporting our military once they re-enter the civilian workforce.  So many of Chad's buddies are still looking for work since getting out of the Marine Corps and I would love nothing more than other companies/people get behind our military men and women and give them a job or a career.  Check out what KISS is doing and if you ever get the chance to personally thank them, please do and never forget to thank our troops (past or present) for all they do for us all!


KISS (courtesy of ultimate classic rock.com)

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