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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Proud of our Flag

Posted on FB today was this photo (see below) and a story about a man that was not allowed to fly the American flag in his yard by his home owners' association so, he fixed them.  He repainted his house (which I am sure breaks a covenant as well), but he made his point.  The thing that probably bothers me more than him being told he couldn't fly the flag was that a person who I will not name had the nerve to go out to this picture and say "What's so special about d American flag" (first take note of the grammar, really?).  I couldn't believe it, but this person was put in their place quickly by lots of true blooded Americans and it wasn't even by the person that posted the picture.  I loved that!  I will say that based on the comment of the un-named person, I'm assuming they don't call America home (at least I hope not).

Got to love this!  I so do!

Then my faith was restored again after reading what this "un-named" person wrote when I saw this (also posted on FB)...  I love all our military men and women, but there's just something about those Marines and especially the kids!  Absolutely love this.  Make sure your sound is on so you get the full impact.  Also, don't stop watching too soon, because as soon as the music stops, watch those kids go right back to being kids like you would expect.  They know what is important so for our "un-named" person, take note!

If this video doesn't move you, your mover is broken.

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  1. This looks like this was shot on base. It's the same here. At 5 PM, EVERYONE freezes and turns to face HQ and places a hand over their heart as the anthem is played. I hope that we always live on Army posts or bases as we move around, because I think it's an important moment in the day to stop and remember what's important. We may wake to the annoying sound of bugles, but we end our day with the American anthem and we go to beds with Taps. It's a routine that I never want to give up and I hope to pass on.