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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Snow Update

Thank you Lord!  SGT Joe Snow has returned to Camp Pendleton from Afghanistan.  Saturday, September 2, 2012 Molly welcomed her Marine home from deployment.  You might remember SGT Snow more by CPL Joe Snow as the Marine we "Wings for Our Troops" sent home for pre-deployment leave before he left for Afghanistan in January.  While deployed he picked up Sergeant!  CONGRATULATIONS!  
It's not just about SGT Snow, however.  His wife, Molly, stayed behind while he served our country and maintained their home (actually moved while he was gone), worked, went to school, and kept a very positive attitude throughout this deployment.  Many times I think our military wives/families are forgotten about while their Marine/Soldiers are deployed.  They are sacrificing and serving too in a different capacity, but serving and sacrificing none the less.  Good job Molly for being that faithful and sacrificing Marine wife that you are so that Joe could do the job he was charged with.
As Americans and as now your friends, first, welcome home SGT Snow and congratulations for having the other half of your heart back home Molly.
It was not only our pleasure to meet you both and have the privilege of helping you get home before deploying, but it was our honor to do so.
Enjoy your much deserved time together and I pray you get some down time to just be together and enjoy each other.
We are always supporting you and all our military!  Semper Fi

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