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Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans' Day 2013

To all our Veterans who have served or still serving we would like to say THANK YOU!  I wish, we as a Nation, would do a better job collectively of thank you every day rather than certain times of the year, but it's my hope that you are shown appreciation more today than in days past. 

I'm so proud of our company Tyson Foods, Inc. and Walmart for making such a great effort to hire our Veterans.  It makes me proud that not only myself, but my husband, and two of our daughters work for Tyson Foods, Inc. and we have the honor each day to see just what we do for our Veterans and how we honor them, but more than that, giving them a job and help with the transition into civilian life again.

The sad stories that we have experienced with so many Veterans not being able to find work is heartbreaking.  It does my heart good to see how these two companies are going above and beyond to hire these heroes.  I am certain there are many more companies joining this effort, but these two I know personally are doing so and with Tyson Foods, Inc. and their Camo to Khaki program sets a new higher level of pride within me just knowing I am a part of a company doing great things.

With all that said, thank you to all our Veterans who have ever worn the uniform and signed on that dotted line to serve and sacrifice even if it's with their own lives for our freedoms.  I hope you always feel the appreciation from a very grateful Nation! 

Picture courtesy of http://www.va.gov/opa/vetsday/poster/vetsday07.jpg

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