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Monday, September 14, 2015

Sending another home

It is pure joy and honor that we were able to send LCPL Stonerock home to spend some much needed family time with a seriously ill grandfather. This story doesn't just have to do with sending him home for a visit. His grandfather has been his father figure most if not all of his life and he has been diagnosed with what is likely a terminal illness. He is 76 years old and believes he has lived a good long life, so extreme treatment is likely not an option for him (his choice). 
We were fortunate enough to be contacted by the USMC at Camp Pendelton FRO (Family Readiness Officer) to see if we could help this Marine and of course we were eager to help. 
His mother & grandfather were over the moon to get him home in time in the event things don't go as positively as they would like and it was our honor to do this for them.   His mom kept insisting she pay us back. No, I said. That's not what this is about. This is about thanking them for their service and making sure we give back even in the smallest of ways. 
This foundation was born out of the desire to show our gratitude and appreciation for our service men/women as well as the families that support them in their service and sacrifices for our country. This is the least we can do and it is our honor to do so. 
Now one of my favorite parts of this story outside of sending him home. I had requested a picture of her son and she said she would even send one with him and his grandfather. I thought, bonus. Well, when she asked her dad if she could take his picture and send it to us he said "not while I'm sitting in this chair" (he was in a wheelchair) so he insisted on standing even as weak as he was. I instinctively asked her if her father was a veteran by chance and she said, yes, he was in the Army. Ah, the fact that he would not be pictured in a wheelchair made perfect sense now.  We are honored to send any of our service men/women home but when we are making a 76 year old veteran happy at the same that's just icing on the cake. Thank you Stonerock family for your sacrifices to our country and for allowing us the honor of sending your son/grandson home. God bless your family as you travel this journey. 
   "Picture courtesy of Momma Stonerock" 

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