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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1st Birthday Party Success!

We had such a good time at little Nora Cate's first birthday party.  Ashton and "Donut" did such a great job, but honestly, I've never seen someone go above and beyond like this couple did to do something for others when they could have just had a "normal" 1st birthday party for their first born.  They had 3 tables set up.  The first one was "Wishes for Nora Cate".  They had pre-printed cards with questions and you just put the answers (i.e. Always respect_____; Never forget to_____ and so on).  It was great (how smart and creative).  They also had her little cake and the big birthday cake there.  Then the next table was set up with pictures and for gifts (for those of us that disobeyed the request) and the third table was set up for Wings for Our Troops (http://www.wingsforourtroops.com/) with a box for donations, a bowl with bracelets, and the brochures.  It was so great.  With their help and everyone that participated, Wings for Our Troops raised close to $1,000.00!  Tebo thinks we need to do more birthday parties.  LOL! 
Thank you Donut and Ashton and especially little Nora Cate for being so giving and caring and helping us with our cause.  I know Chad was truly smiling down on ya'll and very proud!

Here are some pictures from our day with them...  Enjoy!

Proud parents with Nora

It's my birthday...

Oh my goodness, I can do this?


Yeah me!


  1. OMG...this is amazing! Chad was definitely smiling! Thank you so much!!