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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Littlest "Nut"

Chad has a group of friends he went to school with and their groups' nickname is the "Nuts".  Well, one of the "Nuts" and his wife, Ashton had a little "Nut" named Nora (isn't that just the most delicious little name)?  Well, she is turning 1 year old this weekend and they have done one of the most amazing things (in my opinion).  You know that children don't remember their 1st birthday and in Chad's case he could have cared less about his 1st birthday.  In fact if it weren't for pictures and me telling him that he didn't even like cake then he wouldn't even know he had a 1st birthday.  Well, I'm sure that was a big motivation for Jason (aka Donut) and Ashton to decide that for Nora's 1st birthday they sent out the most precious birthday party invitations and stated "in lieu of birthday gifts we ask that you bring a donation for Wings for Our Troops".  Awe... I tear up every time I think about them doing this selfless act.  We will most definitely be celebrating this 1st birthday with them and looking forward to seeing all the "Nuts", but more importantly to me, I want to celebrate these amazing parents and friends that think about others more than themselves or receiving gifts for Nora who won't even remember or probably not have a clue what it's all for. 

Is this not just the cutest?

Little Nora... what a doll!

Part of her invitation...

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