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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

PTSD... This is frustrating

I am not naive enough to not know that even people that have not been to combat can suffer from PTSD.  There are lots of situations where this can be the case, however, in my opinion. George Zimmerman does NOT fit this description.

To me, this is exactly why it is hard for many people to take PTSD seriously enough to make sure our troops and those truly suffering with it, because I believe it is too easily thrown around as a diagnosis. 

When I saw this article about George Zimmerman, I truly felt ill.  I pray for the guys that served with Chad that they get through life as happy, healthy, and alive as they possibly can after all they have been through and the ones that PTSD ends up taking from us far too soon and the families of those left behind and then I see something like this it breaks my heart.

I don't want to make anyone believe or feel like I do by any means, but I do hope to at least spark a little thought behind what PTSD really is and how devastating it is for the person dealing with it and the families and friends that love them. 


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