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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I won't steal her thunder (much), but I couldn't wait

To share the news that my sister's, Paige, fundraiser was apparently a huge success.  We don't have final dollar amounts yet, but it does exceed $1,000!  Thank you not only to all the family and friends and even those we didn't even know for showing up (some family drove 4 hours to be there), but to Fun Depot of Asheville, NC for believing enough in our cause to help us out and offer their establishment to make last night possible.  One thing is for sure, when my sister (heck my entire family) gets their minds around something and it becomes a passion there is truly no limits to what they can do.  The bar has been set really high now so I hope there are many out there with guts to try and out-do last night at Fun Depot in Asheville, NC by Paige and Crew!  Thank you to all that showed up to support physically as well as financially!  I will let her post the details and pictures, but I wanted to give kudos too.  Love you sis and all who helped you make last night the huge success it was!

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