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Friday, September 2, 2011

More than a name on a wall...

A friend of mine sent me this link of a son by the Statler Brothers and it couldn't describe how my heart feels any better.  Thank you LT.  Please listen to this song and know that there are many other moms and dads that are going through this as well (too many) and I am certain it will speak to them as it did me.


So you get a feel for Chad (if you don't know him) so you can see he is more than just a name on a wall, I thought I would share a "memory" in the shape of  a few pictures that I just love of my sweet boy.  I have this t-shirt in my closet (thank you Katie) and I look at it every day and it makes me smile.  I probably bought that t-shirt for him over 6 years ago and that boy wore it all the time.  He just loved it (and it shows).  :)  Then I have the picture of his Titlist hat which I also have (thank you Katie) that as you can tell in the picture that he wore it out too.  You have to see the picture of daddy kissing Chad.  He does this a lot, but he couldn't get enough of kissing that boy.  I just love it.  Chad was always a good sport about it too.  He did love him some BoBo.  Then the memory wouldn't be complete without a little picture of him with his bouncing curls that I loved so much.  He was so dang cute (if I must say so myself).  :)  I hope each of these pictures brings a smile to your face like they do mine. 

His favorite TN t-shirt

His "Titless" (as we call it) hat with Tebo

Getting a kiss from BoBo (again)

Baby Chad with his ringlets

For all Gold Star families, this song is for you as well.  Thank you to all our armed forces for their service and sacrifices and to all the families of these military men and women, thank you as well.  We know it's a commitment that extends throughout the entire family and for that, Tebo and I thank you all!

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