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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sad heart for another family

I had a family reach out to us this weekend to see if we could assist in getting them out to NY from NC to see their son before he deploys and I had to tell them we weren't at a point where we can actually purchase a ticket yet.  It broke my heart.  There is so much red tape involved in setting up a non-profit correctly and legally and to have to tell this mom I couldn't help her through WFOT just broke my heart.  I've had a heavy heart since I read her email.  I don't know how to help her right now since we aren't at the point of being able to purchase tickets yet and not for other military branches outside the USMC.  How frustrating is it to be so close and yet so far away at the same time?  Let me tell you, VERY! 
To update quickly where we are with things right now... We are still in the process of compiling all the necessary paper work for the IRS for our 501C-3 status and then we will file with the IRS and state of AR.  We are recognized by the state of AR right now, but since we are not officially in 501C-3 status we can't start disbursing funds yet.  In addition, since we had to focus on one military branch to start with we aren't able to branch out to anyone other than Marines right now.  The plan would be that other groups involved with other branches will join us in this effort and take it to other branches.  I know this will happen and most everyone will require the 501C-3 status before they will either donate or accept the disbursements to take place.
We truly are close.  I know I keep saying that, but we really are.  It's almost like when you are watching a ballgame and they say there is only 6 minutes left in the game and it still takes 45 minutes for the game to actually end.  That's how it feels right now. 
If anyone out there knows how to help this mom and her husband to get to NY from NC please let us know.  She is trying to get there by September 22nd.  Her son has two small children and they desperately want to get out there to see him before he leaves. 
Thank you in advance for putting your thinking caps on and helping us find a way to help them. 


  1. Can we do a separate fund raiser and send the funds specifically for this family in care of you? If we all ask for help from our friends and family on fb we could possibly raise the funds that way. Just a thought. Let me know if it will work and I will send a contribution! I know we can help this family.

  2. I'm with Susan, I would like to send a donation to help this family as well, just let me know where to send the money. I'll reach out to some people on FB as well and see if they would be willing to help me raise some money too.

  3. What Susan said. I'm putting your post on my FB page and my blog and will ask not only for more donations for WFOT but for donations specifically for this family. Please let me know, if you figure it out, where I can tell them to send the donations. I have friends who will do it.

    Geez Sis, I know how much it must have hurt you to say no. It's not your fault though. Government red tape at its best. Your heart is so in the right place...

  4. We can probably do whatever we can to help this family out as long as it isn't associated with WFOT. Right now we are still in the set up process and as much as I hate it we aren't at a point where we can start distributing monies. In addition as the criteria is today we can only fly the soldier and his spouse and not the parents. I know things will eventually change and be adjusted as we go along, but we have to stay within the parameters set up with the State of AR and IRS today. I've been getting a lot of responses from people wanting to help, but I can't seem to get back in touch with the mom. I'm still working on that. Keep the ideas and suggestions coming and hopefully I will hear from her today. Thank you everyone.